Differentiated Opportunity to Invest in Leaders in Energy Transition

About Us

NEOA is a differentiated opportunity to invest in leaders in energy transition. NEOA will leverage the extensive and energy sector specific experience and relationships of the Executive Team and the Board of Directors to identify, combine with and maximize the value of an industry leading target with high-growth potential within energy transition and decarbonisation.

Key stakeholders, including governments, the public, entrepreneurs, and investors, are focused on supporting a transformative energy transition required to realise a decarbonised world. However, significant investments in technology, alternative fuels and infrastructure will be required across multiple sectors to achieve ambitions. The energy transition is driving fundamental changes in our existing energy and infrastructure ecosystem. We believe this creates substantial opportunities for NEOA to target energy transition leaders, producing attractive risk-adjusted return profiles for shareholders and providing targets with access to capital and strategic support to achieve their long-term objectives.